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Founder of Atelier 21 Awarded ‘Business Person of the Year’ At Gatwick Diamond Business Awards

Gatwick Diamond Business Awards 2024 (Photo by Jon Rigby)
The pioneering Atelier 21 Future School and Little Barn Owls Nurseries, based in West Sussex, proudly announce the recognition of their founder, Hayley Peacock, as the recipient of the ‘Business Person of the Year’ award at the esteemed Gatwick Diamond Business Awards. This accolade celebrates Hayley’s exceptional leadership, innovation and steadfast dedication to excellence in education. Atelier 21 is part of the ‘Next Big 10’ as one of the top ten most pioneering schools in the UK, working together on a two-year action research project, to inform education about evidence based, innovative ideas in education. Hayley’s leadership is making an impact on a global scale, she presented her groundbreaking educational model at the recent World Education Summit on ‘What’s the point of school?’ and the Atelier 21 model has already been taken up by a school in Poland.

Hayley’s visionary approach and tireless dedication have not only revolutionised education but also inspired individuals far beyond our communities. Her remarkable achievements stand as a testament to her relentless pursuit of excellence and her unwavering determination to make a meaningful difference in the lives of students, families, and communities.

Hayley Peacock comments: ““I am absolutely thrilled to have won this award, it recognises 15 years of really hard work and passion for improving education. I am indebted to my amazing team for all of their support in making a difference in the world of education.”

Hayley’s mission to positively disrupt education through cross-curricular and self-directed learning, academic teaching, democratic student governance, Wild Fridays and fostering entrepreneurship, is evident in Atelier 21’s ethos and groundbreaking school model. By focussing on future skills and providing a relevant, meaningful and joyful education experience, ‘fit for our children’s futures, not our past’, Hayley aims to change the lives of one million children to start.

The entire team and parent community at Atelier 21 and Little Barn Owls extends heartfelt congratulations to Hayley Peacock for this well-deserved recognition. Her exceptional achievements serve as a testament to her role as a true trailblazer for education.