parents and children

Parental Involvement

Atelier 21 is a Future School that wants to change the world by making visible the unique way we do school.

We want to prove that just because school has always been roughly delivered one way, that it can be changed, deconstructed and reconstructed into something that better meets the needs of young learners facing a less certain future in the modern world.

We think of parents as partners in our pupils’ learning and we want to create an actively engaged community that is working together to enrich the learning of your child, but also to try to make the world a bit better too.

Our Evidence Me online profile gives Key Stage 1 pupils and their families a live digital recording and evaluating App which can be accessed from school and home with photos, videos and examples of work and pupils and teacher assessment. Older pupils in Key Stage 2 receive regular communication and documentation through the school’s parent app, MySchoolApp.