students on bikes

Re-imagining The School Day


Imagine a school where children have lots of time to choose what they want to learn about and get good at.

With timetabled academic workshops and project-based learning in the mornings, the pupils also have dedicated time for self-directed studies: to carry out research projects of their own design around the things that most interest them.

There are also a number of other workshops that pupils can sign up to attend on one afternoon a week.

The rhythm of the day is designed to fit with our culture of respect: where adults see themselves as facilitators of learning, who are committed to delivering an entirely relevant and personalised educational experience to every child.

A school which is curated flexibly around your child’s interests, one that expects to mould itself around the strengths and needs of the pupils in our community.

We expect to challenge pupils to always be working on the leading edge of what they can’t yet do but are working hard to get good at.

Teachers are also close by to challenge them and help frame learning when it’s needed. Sometimes pupils work alone, sometimes in small or large groups and very often with children much older or younger than them – it’s completely up to them as trusted, autonomous members of our learning community.

School day times:

Reception and Year 1

7.30am – wrap around care
8.15am – doors open
8.30am – school starts

3.15pm – usual pick up time
3.45pm – later pick up time
4.30pm – if a sibling is in Prep/Secondary school

Primary & Secondary School

7.30am – wrap around care
8.15am-8.30am – students to arrive. Learning starts promptly at 8.30am.

3.45pm – usual pick up time
4.30pm – if SDL

Paid for wrap around care is available Monday to Thursday until 6pm. We have no clubs on a Friday afternoon.

Our days are longer so that we can give pupils a chance to deep dive into their learning and have plenty of time for class discussions, sports, play and project work. It’s not about cramming more in, more about creating a healthier pace for the community to thrive. Our younger children in Class 1 (Reception and Year 1) need to be collected at 3.15pm, unless they have an older sibling in the school or use the school bus.