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The School Business

We believe young people need to develop financial literacy and an entrepreneurial spirit to thrive. Entrepreneurs know how to navigate challenges through an ever-changing environment, they are resourceful, adaptable and are not afraid to take measured risks in life. It has never been more important to ensure our children understand how to develop multiple revenue streams (even if they don’t want to run a business), how they can build wealth for themselves and do good things with it as adults.

Our whole school community operates a school business that the children run and all have some involvement in. They are responsible for designing products and services, building a website, marketing, and managing the finances of their businesses. They then democratically decide whether to save it or invest it back into the school. For example, as well as the annual business fair, the pupils run a tuck shop at break times. This thriving business has even gone through a marketing re-launch, implemented by the pupils to increase sales, after they conducted research that indicated healthier food options were in higher demand.

For older pupils we teach them about wealth accumulation strategies, from looking at freelancing your skills to getting on the market, or understanding cryptocurrency and stock market trading. We also read books like ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ together as part of this learning. One of our key aims for our 16 years olds is that they build their momentum for learning throughout school and leave wanting to know more – not exhausted from learning.

Our oldest International Baccalaureate (IB) pupils, in Year 10, also have the privilege of learning from two exceptional entrepreneurship mentors, Morgan Boult of Hero PA and Rish Rai of C-Raw Studios who visit the school regularly. Morgan founded his highly successful personal telephone answering service while still in school and Rish, the creative mind behind C-Raw Studios has a wealth of advice to provide on the music and the performing arts industry. Both are adept at sharing insights from their entrepreneurial journey and how to develop the key dispositions essential for success. These mentors have not only provided valuable insights into the intricacies of entrepreneurship but have also sparked a passion for innovation among our students. By sharing their experiences and wisdom, they’ve illuminated the path for our budding entrepreneurs and instilled them with confidence in believing in themselves and taking calculated risks. Thanks also to Sussex Security Services for their ongoing sponsorship of our sports team. Our business team have learned a lot from investing your money into the new sports kits they have designed themselves.

As we nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship, our students are not only starting their own ventures but also embracing the challenge with enthusiasm and a newfound sense of initiative.

Future employers are looking for undergraduates or school leavers with a great set of grades who also possess the ‘wow factor’ in terms of communication skills, interests, stamina and the ability to work in a team. Following Atelier 21 we expect pupils to either follow the International Baccalaureate route via the diploma, switch to A-levels or other qualifications post-16, or make the most of their entrepreneurial abilities by setting up their own businesses or pursuing another talent – the sky’s the limit!