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The School Business

We think that in today’s world young people need to develop financial literacy and an entrepreneurial spirit to thrive. Entrepreneurs know how to navigate challenges through an ever-changing environment, they are resourceful, adaptable and they are not afraid to take measured risks in life.

It has never been more important to ensure our children understand how to develop multiple revenue streams (even if they don’t want to run a business), and how they can build wealth for themselves and do good things with it as adults.

Our whole school community operates a school business that the children run and all have some involvement in. For example, they run a school tuck shop and host business and Christmas Fairs, the proceeds of which they democratically decide how to spend.

They will be responsible for designing products and services, building a website, marketing, and managing the finances of their business.

These sorts of experiences will be built into everyday life at the school, rather than token themed days, offering children the chance to get involved with relevant, meaningful, applicable learning of their own design.

For older children we teach them about wealth accumulation strategies, from looking at freelancing your skills to getting on the property market, or understanding cryptocurrency and stock market trading. We have successful entrepreneurs and experts come and talk to our older classes and we read books like ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ together as part of this learning.