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Hayley Peacock

A warm welcome from the Founder, Hayley Peacock

Welcome to Atelier 21 Future School’s website. Whether children are conducting their own research projects, working on running their school business, learning outdoors on WILD Fridays or trying to solve a real world maths problem, we expect them to be highly engaged in their learning. Most probably because they have had some choice over what to learn and how to go about it, which means they are motivated!

Atelier 21 is our response to a mainstream school system that needs taking apart and putting back together in a better, more learner-centred way that sets young people up to be connected to the world in a more significant way and love learning new things for life.

Atelier 21 was born out of a deep passion and connection with the Reggio Emilia approach to learning which is based on the image of young people as inherently competent and capable of building learning for themselves. Atelier 21 respects young people’s differing personalities by focusing on learning rather than didactic teaching methods. This way we nurture deeply curious, social and motivated individuals who are capable of growing their own successful lives.

In order to upskill the future generation, we must pay attention to what young people are going to need to thrive in the 21st Century; the world is a less certain place now and they will need more than just great exam results. Highest on the list of Future Skills are collaboration, self-regulation and creativity; top employers want to meet young people with a body of experiences who can be resourceful, resilient and with a growth mindset.

In other words, interesting people, who know themselves well and know how to use their talents to help themselves and others. Atelier 21 is a carefully curated Personal Responsibility Model design by myself and my team which takes the best pedagogies of the most progressive schools from around the world and blends them with the UK’s National Curriculum.