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After School Clubs

We offer wrap around care from 7.30am to 6pm by way of breakfast and afterschool clubs.

As we are a small school all children will mix together in breakfast and afterschool club and one activity will be offered per day, which children can join in with if they want to. The students vote on what activities are on offer the term before in School Circle meetings.

All pupils are required to be collected no later than 6pm when school closes. Our bus service leaves school at 4.30pm, therefore children in afterschool club need to be collected from school.

An example of After School Club Activity Timetable

4.15 – 6pm
4.15 – 6pm
4.15 – 6pm
4.15 – 6pm
4.15 – 6pm
Debating Club Book Club Craft Club Cooking Club No clubs on a Wild Friday