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Self-Directed Learning

To develop your passions in life you have to have time to tinker and think, time to invent, create, research, read, write, play and be with others in dialogue in hundreds of different ways.

With timetabled academic workshops and project-based learning in the mornings, the pupils also have dedicated time for self-directed studies: to carry out research projects of their own design around the things that most interest them.

There are also a number of other workshops that pupils can sign up to attend on one afternoon a week.

Teachers are also close by to challenge them and help frame learning when it’s needed. Sometimes pupils work alone, sometimes in small or large groups and very often with children much older or younger than them – it’s completely up to them as trusted, autonomous members of our learning community.

There is also a number of other seminars and workshops in the afternoon pupils can sign up to attend when they are not working on something specific or of it would be useful to their own research.