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Equestrian Excellence

At Atelier 21, our Equestrian Centre is more than just a space to ride; it’s a place where a passion for riding, dedication and competitive spirit converge. Our focus is on creating an environment that nurtures the bond between riders and their equine partners, fostering both skill development and a deep connection with our ponies.

Recent victories at the SOUTH EAST NSEA REGIONAL FINALS, included clinching the 60cm show jumping title, highlighting our dedication to competitive excellence. Our riders consistently showcase individual brilliance and contribute to the team’s success.

Special recognition goes to individuals in school, Issy and Indy, whose commitment to the daily care of our horses is a testament to the attitude required in the demanding world of equestrian sports.

Our incredible Atelier 21 parents’ collective efforts and unwavering support also contribute significantly to our triumphs in regional competitions.

Join our purpose-driven training programs at our centre and Brinsbury’s sand courses are designed to elevate your skills and prepare you for success in regional and national competitions. Seize the opportunity to participate in prestigious events, making your mark on the equestrian scene.

In the world of equestrian sports, attitude is paramount. At Atelier 21, we cultivate a mindset of dedication, resilience and passion within our riders. This attitude is the driving force behind our triumphs and the key to success in this thrilling and demanding sport.

Apply for Equestrian Scholarships:

Explore the opportunity to join our equestrian team and there is potential to receive a scholarship based on talent and attitude. This includes a 50% lifetime fees discount, professional training sessions, competition entry fees and the use of school ponies for those without their own.

For more details about our Equestrian Centre and to apply for the Atelier 21 equestrian scholarship, please email