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Empowering Leadership: Sociocracy Training Transforms Lead Ambassador into Trailblazer

We’re thrilled to announce that our lead ambassador is taking on a new role as ‘Guardian of Atelier 21’s ethos.’ As part of her commitment to upholding our school’s values, she’s diving into an adult training course on sociocracy a few hours a week.

Led by Wondering School, the course is providing Nell with fresh insights for supporting our ambassadors by implementing democratic governance based on sociocracy. From practising consent-based decision making and open elections, to building circle meeting structures, facilitation skills and other principles and processes of sociocracy.

With additional mentoring from Hayley Peacock, Nell’s on a mission to ensure that our ambassadors continue to embody the spirit of innovation, collaboration and excellence that defines Atelier 21.
Stay tuned as our lead ambassador continues to inspire and lead by example, shaping the future of our school community.

As Nell in Year 10 explains:

“Our ambassadors are an important part of the Atelier community. However, it was felt that the meetings (and the proposals) could benefit from a little more structure. It was also felt that there was a need for a bridge between the students and teachers and as such, I have taken on the role of head ambassador and ‘Guardian of the Atelier 21 ethos.

“I am also attending a six-week sociocracy course, which the school has kindly let me attend. The course is going into depth about how I can help the school and community in its semi-democratic approach. I’m learning skills and techniques to help my peers in my school get their voice across and I’m loving it!”