students on the sofa

Hayley Peacock

Having followed the global progressive school movement very closely for a decade, Hayley wanted to bring all of her learning from the best schools in the world together to create a curriculum that fits with the way children in the UK will grow up. So they are ready to take exams eventually but have a far more joyful and self motivating learning experience and gain transferable skills to apply in all areas of their future lives.

“I’m so excited about giving back children their voice at school through our democratic approach and endless opportunities for agency and self-direction in our project based learning.. Our model means children’s educational experience is curated with them as co-pilots, rather than education being something that’s done TO them. To be honest, every part of what we are doing excites me!

I’m honoured to be working alongside the incredible, creative minds of my colleagues who never cease to impress me with their heart, expertise and motivation for what we do.”