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Open Days

Would you like to see what a truly progressive 21st century school looks like?

At our open days you will have the opportunity to have a tour of the Prep and Senior School facilities and a talk with our founder, Hayley Peacock, about why Atelier 21 is making such a stir in the UK educational landscape.

You can book one of our upcoming open days through our TicketSource page. You can view dates below.

Our Open Days

To book a place on our next open day, simply click on the button above.

Please note that each ticket admits one family and there is a maximum of one ticket per family.  Children and babies are most welcome to come along with you.

Due to unprecedented growth, Atelier 21 Future School is embarking on an expansion plan over the next two years. As such we have some additional spaces in each class both now and in September 2025. Children and babies are most welcome to come along with you.

A blend of rigorous academics combined with outdoor learning, entrepreneurship, self-directed opportunities and a democratic approach, provides our children with the autonomous agency and tools to be self-motivated. Our dynamic and unique curriculum supported by cognitive scientist, Guy Claxton’s Learning Power Approach, is full of creative opportunities, project-based learning and direct teaching. This seeks to help your child develop a healthy mindset towards learning, that aims to impact them for a fulfilling life, not just great exam results.

We look forward to showing you how our school makes learning fit for our children’s futures not our past.