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Sarah Harvey

My career started in the Early Years where I taught for 10 years before training for the role of SENDCo, which has been my passion for the past 11 years.

To be able to work alongside children and young people, empowering them through coaching and guiding them through their learning is central to how I believe learning and teaching should work. I believe it is essential to provide irresistible learning opportunities that are exciting, engaging, worthwhile and meaningful. We need to prepare all children and young people for the demanding and challenging future that they face and to have the essential learning habits, behaviours and skills that will see the flourish in today’s society.

My personal values of honesty, respect and trust, guide and support me in my work with families. Successful work, be it with children, young people or adults, depends upon a reciprocal trusting relationship and in my role as SENDCo, I strive to be an advocate for the families that I work with.